The Pink Triangle as an Interruptive Symbol: Memorializing Homophobia and the Holocaust

Location: Jepson Room 127
Date: Fri, April 20
Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

The Pink Triangle is an interruptive symbol of collective memory for two similarly marginalized groups: gay concentration camp prisoners during WWII and modern LGBTQ. Since the liberation of the camps, many memorials to Pink Triangles have sprung up around the world. Using qualitative methodology, this presentation will discuss how the LGBTQ community has been "memorialized" from the incidents of Nazi Germany, and how these memorials serve as "interruptive symbols" to help circumnavigate hate and oppression. The results of this study, through historical insights combined with firsthand memorial observation and interviews, will heighten understanding in order to highlight resilience and promote hope and healing through government/citizen reconciliation.

Paper Presentation