The Method of Currere, Hermeneutics, and Phenomenology

Location: Jepson Room 108
Date: Fri, April 20
Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

After completing and defending my dissertation, I wanted to identify practical methods teachers can use to explore how they inform who they are becoming through their educational lived-experiences and aspirations. Each teacher I interviewed described reflecting on their teaching and autobiography as phenomena that inform and structure their teaching. What I feel is lacking is an effective and practical writing process to record their reflections. In this presentation, I will propose the method of currere is an effective and practical means for leaders and teachers to reflect on and explore their lived-experiences and aspirations. As a journaling process, the method of currere can complement hermeneutic phenomenology and other qualitative research methodologies. I experienced hermeneutic phenomenology as retrospective, lacking a forward looking moment. The method of currere offers both retrospective and forward looking moments to capture one's specific lived-experiences and aspirations to be analyzed and synthesized into their practices. 

Paper Presentation