Study Abroad Reflection: Perspectives on Experiential Learning & Influences on Leadership

Location: Jepson Room 123
Date: Sat, April 21
Time: 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM

This panel will discuss how the graduate study abroad program in Cali, Colombia, has impacted understandings of leadership, communication, development, and interculturalism. Panelists will share their challenges and areas of growth, as well as how the course has influenced current leadership practices and future endeavors. Participatory and alternative communication were major course concepts that contributed to the experiential learning platform. Panelists will elaborate how these concepts and approaches to development combined to increase self-awareness as leaders and members of a greater multicultural, global community. Other panel topics include how the experience has enhanced interpresonal and intercultural relationship skills and built a more contextualized understanding of power, privilege, and place. The course was highly influenced by the work of Paulo Freire, Mary Louise Pratt, Clamencia Rodriguez, and Wendy Quarry and Ricardo Ramirez.