On Becoming an Authentic Servant-Leader: Exploring the Intersubjective Interactions Between Meaningful Language, Resonant Relationships, Servant-Leadership, and Interpersonal Neurobiology

Location: Jepson Room 113
Date: Sat, April 21
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

This presentation will look at ways in which recursive processing of meaningful language, as expressed within resonant relationships, helps a person become an authentic servant-leader. The foundational anchoring point will be the metaphorical basso continuo of interpersonal neurobiology, a burgeoning field of study that addresses how relationships and experiences shape, strengthen, or modify functional systems within the brain. I will discuss how humans are socially, mentally, and neurobiologically wired and rewired through relational "languaging" and how this process is integral to not just the "doing" of leadership, but to the "becoming" of leadership--specifically, the "becoming" of a servant-leader.

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