Mastery and Order

Location: Jepson Room 123
Date: Sat, April 21
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Many inventive and well-meaning leaders pledge their professional development to the conventional notions of mastery and order. Heartfelt and pursuant, they believe positional authority and field expertise will all but guarantee personal satisfaction and organizational profitability. This study sought to examine and simplify a complicated four-way theoretical merger involving Relational Leadership Theory, Complex Leadership Theory (CLT), Multicultural Theory, and Situated Learning. I will propose through my research a new and abridged way for how these four designs can readily standardize into flourishing and forgiving leadership practices, even in the face of racial inimicality. Woven throughout this presentation will be stories about my own experiences of disharmony and restoration, and how these theories meshed into better personal leadership practices that mitigate more effectively the pedestals and loopholes of leadership, opportunity, and self-meaning.

Paper Presentation