Inclusionary Images: The Problematic Nature of Under-Over and Misrepresentation

Location: Jepson Room 108
Date: Fri, April 20
Time: 4:40 PM - 5:40 PM

In the United States, the vast majority of media and literature representation is skewed and reflects outdated oppressive structures. The monopoly on media by dominant ideologies and the politically elite has been used as an apparatus to influence the culture in a discriminatory way. The exclusion of diverse narratives perpetuates the danger of holding single story as definitive of a community. On the other side of the spectrum, efforts to overcompensate representation of marginalized groups can stem from good intentions, but can easily turn problematic when this evolves into exploitation or tokenization. We envision a more equitable, culturally competent, aware, empathetic, and intentional society and we believe that we can work towards this through accurate and inclusive representation. Our project is to identify, discuss, and propose practical recommendations to implement structures for accountability and broaden the horizon of propagandized images.

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